Timber Trellis

Bored of your plain white walls? Want to add something unique and stylish to the edges of your garden? Try our Timber trellis panels. We design,assemble and install timber trellis for all use.Our trellises are diverse and can be used to fence off an area, increase the height of a fence, or simply as decorations. At Fabulars Wood we are always more than happy to help you customise any area in your yard with quality timber trellis by cutting curves or archways into them. As an alternative option, we also custom make trellises with different aperture and pattern designs. We understand that nurturing and growing your garden takes a lot of time and efforts ,so we would like to help you transform it to look as amazing as possible. Climbing plants need a structure to grow on as they can’t grow upwards on their own. In case you are not sure of type of trellis you need we ‘re always egger to recommend which trellis panel will suit your needs.