Balustrades & Staircases


We build repair and install all types of stair cases.

With the flexibility of our custom design work, Fabulars wood can transform any staircase into a showpiece. We combine the functional needs of your space with the aesthetic of your interior to create staircases that are useful and beautiful. We design, manufacture and install high quality wooden and metal balustrades and specialize in once-off individually designed staircases that provide the attention to detail for your specific needs.

Every one of our staircases are designed to fit perfectly into your home or other space and suit the lifestyle that you lead, as well as your budget.  Whether it’s a modern, minimal look or a more traditional classic style, simply tell us what you want and we will create it.

Fabulous wood is your solution when it comes to making your dreams come true with your home.   We manufacture beautiful stairs as well as different wooden furniture pieces.


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